Monday, 23 January 2012

The journey begins..

My journey into the photographic world started in 2009, a journey that started with some tentative steps and grew into a love and passion as well as an amazing tool with which I could share my love for nature with fellow nature lovers. It is also a journey that introduced me to so many wonderful friends along the way. Here is sharing with you all a few of my steps from along the way.

The starting point of photography, flowers, subjects that sit still and do not run away or fly away.. :) always look beautiful, no matter how badly the shot is clicked, the stepping stone to give us the hope that there is a photographer in each one of us. This pic, clicked way back in 2009, when I had just started off with my DSLR, reprocessed now with a thanks for giving me the hope, that I can also click... :)
And then of course I had to do the best with what lens I owned at that time, the 70- 300 sigma,(the macro functionality of which I was completely in love with ) also considering that birding with such a lens can offer more than a little bit of a challenge I stuck to flowers for a while.

Trying different compositions. Oh the thrill of managing to get a bee on a that point of time, indescribable..

Lalbag of course providing excellent opportunities for every budding photographer, I spent a fair amount of time there too with my sigma 70-300

Every click was a new learning experience, every flower was  a new opportunity. Every weekend was a visit to lalbag

The Journey continues......


  1. Hi Tharagini..

    Your pics are very nice.

  2. Hi Tharangini,

    Got to this link from Yahoo pics on Sparrows...Felt like you have spent good amount of time to understand the life of sparrows...good work and keep doing!...


  3. really nice pics Tharangini...
    You made a good story with sparrows.. :)

  4. the pictures are truly awesome. i am newbie, just started with a 1100d and 18-55mm, I'm planning to get a zoom lens, i am seeing your blog at the right time, i learnt about sigma lens. These are my options which one should i go for?

    a) "Sigma 70-300 DG Macro"(9500 Rs.) AND "Canon 50 f/1.8 II"(6700 Rs.)

    b) "Canon 55-250 IS II" (16500 Rs.)

    1. Hi Bharthi,
      Thanks so much..:)
      Sigma 70-300 DG Macro is the lens I started with but make sure you get one with IS, mine was without IS so it takes a lot of practice to get it without blur n shake. Canon 50mm is a portrait lens. I'll post a blog on portraits sometime in the future. Canon 55-250 IS II is a good lens but may fall a little short for wildlife. canon 70-300 is a good option too to start with. It will give you a slightly better reach. Hope this info helps. Thanks, Tharangini

    2. Oh! thank uuu so much, i got a good idea about what i should do.