Wednesday, 14 March 2012

On World Sparrow Day

As the world sparrow day approaches, here is a look at the sparrows from the heart of the city like a busy Market area, an unknown street in the middle of a cosmopolitan city  and a few places on the outskirts where they still continue to survive with the help of the people who live in these areas with some rather innovative ideas for sparrow conservation. Each one of them contribute in their own little way, but it makes a world of a difference to these sparrows. After all their survival depends on it.

As the morning dawns over a bustling market area of the city.

A previously familiar scene has now become a rarity

Is it a time to contemplate?

Is there still hope for them?

Are we still haggling over the sparrows? Instead let's look around..

So here is a typical house in the middle of a busy city, and what's special about it...
But then look at the surprise the tree holds for us

And there is still hope albeit on the ledge

People still do care
And the sparrows respond..
Food is not something to fuss about as the sparrows are known to eat over 800 different types of food
Sometimes from very unlikely places as these two were seen foraging on the bottom of the leaves

What can be better than a good bath after a nice meal. The tiles were freshly laid and had been wtered to allow them to set. The sparrows of course chose to make the best use of it and had a gala time.

With a nice dust bath to match

And a little romance perhaps... Location is not an issue at all.
And they happily co-exist with us
There are others who care in their own way like this lady who puts out a glass of water daily for these little birds

Putting up the most innovative nest boxes.
These are extremely popular with its inmates

Is this what is called as a room with a view?

All we need is a place in our heart for these sparrows. Then we can definitely help them proliferate.

Hope still exists
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It is believed that Sparrows build nest only in houses that have good Vastu. Whatever the reason may be, it certainly feels good to wake up to the happy chirping of these little birds. They are comfortable with most types of food and like we have seen, a cardboard box can make the most cozy nest for them. Let's do our bit in bringing them back to our homes and hearts.


  1. Thanks for the article and pictures from so near home. I really had'nt seen a sparrow in God knows how long. Good to know that some are still around.

    1. Thanks.. all this work is towards an effort to bring them back.

  2. Thanks for this beautiful photo feature. It definitely brought on a smile! Wish to share with you...we moved home about three months ago from a flat to a bungalow and all of us in our family were thrilled to see sparrows, playing in our front lawns! My daughter who does not pay much attention to the cleanship of her room, ensures that the birdbath which we have placed in our garden is regularly cleaned and topped up with water for all the birds and squirrels who share their space with us. Its interesting to watch some well fed birds bully the weaklings and smaller birds.

    1. I am delighted for you and your family that you get to see sparrows so close..:) A big hug to your daughter for taking such a good care of the little birds. Cannot ask for more. Thank you for enjoying my article.

  3. Nice that someone at least noticed it. I used to wonder all by myself that where has all the sparrows gone! There used to be lot of sparrows at my locality near Hampi which is very green. But now, i don't get to see a single one! :( I really loved their chirping... and thanks a ton for caring them :)

    1. Thank you so much Santosh. There is a survey being conducted for studying the sparrows and efforts are on to bring them back.This link will take you there -
      Please participate and join in our efforts to bring them back.

  4. loved the synchronization and the story.....i too have been wondering about the fact that where hav they all disappeared.... it felt nice to see a piece stitched in this manner as i too intend to create a similar visual story on parrots, though this one's gonna be completely kitch and bollywood style; but nevertheless interesting. wud definitely like to share that with you. !!! cheers to the love for birdwatching.
    - darshini shah

    1. Thank you Darshini and good luck on your story in Bollywood style..:) would definitely look forward to seeing it.

  5. Mam.loved the expression of desires, it may be your individual pain but it gives a deep a impact on our HEART'S. May be this stream of hope, love and affection become a sea and sooth away all the pain.

    I wish you all Luck, Blessings & Love.............vivek

    Be Successful.!

    1. Thank you so much. Please do participate in the survey for sparrows. An effort to bring them back..
      Thanks :)

  6. Hello Ms. Tharangini,
    After reading your article and brilliant photographs of sparrows taken by you, I am very happy to see them. In my home town, now these sparrows are less in numbers compare to for last 3-4 years. My dad and mom feed them every day keeping some food for them in our small garden. My dad is planning to make small hanging houses for them, once he tried but it was very inside the tree so that no one comes to make a nest. Now he is planning a different way to give them nesting place. Many birds make nest in our garden and we all love and never create any problem for them.
    I have personal experience, when any bird starts making a nest never visit that place, because they feel hesitation and being very shy in nature they just stop if they fell some interference in their nest making or after.
    As I am out of my home and living in hostel, last year I had put one small carton box outside my room balcony. It was surprising to see a couple of eggs inside the box, those were pigeon’s eggs. Since then 16 new pigeon’s came in this world and every time when I see new eggs I feel happy.. Because my expressions are like this “Oh God Phir Se (Again)”. With this experience I come to know that pigeon reproduction is more and can lay eggs many times. Actually I love Sparrows, and wanna see their number growing instead of decline.
    I feel very happy when I see pigeon on the roadside; one thought come in my heart that may be one is grown in my balcony carton. :)
    Requesting all to take some initiatives individually to save sparrows, pigeons, squirrels
    Chander Kala

  7. Thanks Tharangini for bringing this story... As a kid i always loved sparrows.. and had their nests at our native home at Kundapura, Udupi District.... even i have noticed their disappearance and want them back chirping all day around. Will definitely play my part in bringing these lovely birds back to our homes.....

    Thanks Once again and All the best in work...

  8. Saw your essay on yahoo and loved it. To be honest with you I never noticed that they are almost gone :-(. From a fellow photographer to another it's a great essay. Good Work !

  9. Gorgeous, stunning pics. Just tweeted them. Do u have a link/ lead to homemade nesting boxes?