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Masinagudi - Where Harmony is a way of life

Masinagudi a quaint town receiving more than its fair share of tourists, some for the nature and some just for fun. Some responsible about nature and a few sadly with no knowledge about the importance and need for preserving this beautiful place. At a comfortable distance from Bangalore en route to Ooty, this place is sheer magic.
The summers however can be very warm but evenings pleasant. Winters feel like winters and the rains paint the town green.
This place, as beautiful as it may be also faces a huge battering in the form of rash motorists who ignore every rule as they speed to keep their date with their destinations.As a result he number of road kills are also high in this place, despite rules and closing of Forest check post gates.

The animals and birds however continue to keep their peace, taking their leisurely strolls on the roads or sometimes hurriedly scampering across, they have learnt to adapt, even if we have not, to live, to sustain and beautify their domain.

Simple things in life , a few bonds, friendships and togetherness, looking together not eye to eye, but in the same direction, someone to walk a few steps together with you in life, simple things in life speaks volumes.
   And so went on the interaction with a 'Mommmmmmy Helllpppppppp he is chewing on my finger' to 'don't bother me kids ... go play elsewhere,
My funky hairdo did not impress her,
All I want to do is sulk and stare.'
I wish I could state what else went on in their minds,
But well aware if I do so I'll be tagged in their kinds.
Kids at play in Masinagudi.
The little ones were fooling around, the older ones deep in gossip and preening each other. But this guy sat alone and sulking, oh those in between years.
So what if he was naughty, that's what kids are meant to be,
Sitting on a lone branch on this tree.
He sulked and grumbled.
There was no one to see,
Naughty is what kids are meant to be.
   An upside down world, but not to me,
The view from here is great to see,
The trees the barks the air fresh and free,
This my friend is the way to be.
Lead your life the way you see fit,
What others may think will not help you one bit.
This may be the prophecy to follow,
If only the others around me allow.
A piece of experimental processing to give the shining blue and brown bundle of feathers with the shiniest beak and the sharpest eyes, the respect it deserves.Standing patiently till an unsuspecting prey swims by and even as we start praying for the prey to make a quick entry, a swift splash, the drama is over even before it has begun. Back to the waiting again.
Patience is indeed a huge virtue and who else to teach it better then a bundle of bright blue and brown feathers.
   A long wait,
Unblinking eyes scan the road ahead,
It does not show any fear,
Just a stare,
A gaze probably for someone very dear.
We have been taught as kids to look before we cross the road and now the animals and birds seem to be instinctively learning this. Walking over the freshly tarred roads diverging through the forests, the brilliant greens striking up the most exotic contrast with subtle hints of browns and greens painting the background.
With an elegant step, she turned her graceful neck, a pause, a stance, she slowed and posed, her wide pretty eyes hinting a trace of anxiety and yet abundance of confidence. Her sisters crossed in a hurry, but she had her grace and charm and she did not hesitate to blow our minds away with it. The lady, the winner, born to model and not one to hesitate in stealing the show.

  A common bird, the Great tit, but this bird has managed to give me the nightmares. Strange as it may sound every single pic I've ever clicked of this little one has always managed to be stirred, shaken and blurred. Else it was on the dark side of the light or one tiny leaf or twig would always strategically came over the head. It was after an incredible penance that I managed to get this little 'common bird'.
Something about this little guy captured my heart, maybe the way he kept to himself, so silent and sure, confidently darting around and making quick meals of unsuspecting insects. A blink of an eye and he was gone, a blink of an eye and there he was again. Kind of reminded me of the strong silent types in the form of the Asian Brown Flycatcher. A personality to behold   

 Another commoner, male Brahminy Starling posing in the wet greens of an early morning dew, awaiting the arrival of its flock to gather around to start foraging again.
    The tiny yellow grey fellow sitting on a branch,
hiding his head in the shadows,
avoiding the sunlight's glance.

A glint in the eye caught just by chance
before he took off again to do the fanciful flycatcher's dance.
Gracefully darting around,
catching every insect he found,
before the tiny yellow grey fellow again settled on the branch.
The Grey Headed Canary Flycatcher.
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