Saturday, 20 October 2018

Hampi - A monochromatic viewpoint - Part III

So many rocks and so many structures, but what about the life they hold, support and help thrive and grow?  Though there are plenty, just shared a few here for the one reason that these lifeforms in monochrome will not do justice to their colorful selves and also of course with 3 parts this blog is just about long enough, of which I am very aware.. :)
The family sat on the top most available rock in the area, looking down at us curiously. Serving as the vantage point, it was comfortable and spacious enough for an entire troop. All the Langurs on this rock were mothers with their young.
Another smaller family of macaques sat on a different rock soaking in the warmth of the rock lazily while the younger ones were up to their own mischief, exploring the terrain. With hardly any predators around these families are quite comfortable and thriving here and it is not uncommon to see large families moving around here and there.
The bird life is incredible as well, but of course not all birds take on kindly to monochrome and I hope these Francolins do not mind me draining out their color in this image.
Bhima's gateway was being guarded by multi legged giant millipede. It was the breeding season and the young ones were just entering into this world in a swarm and there were swarms everywhere oozing out their nests. It was easy to miss them when they just look like red patches on the mud. Only when you look closer and see them swirling around, you realize they are more then just a patch on the ground. 
And here are the swarms...
and another huddle ...
And who can leave out this king from the blog, the great Indian Eagle owl, the ruler of the canal, the silent hunter of the night, the noiseless flight master. I could not help myself in pulling out the brilliant orange eyes from the monochrome. They are hypnotizing after all..need I say more?
With that ending this 3 part blog on Hampi and a great big thanks to all of you who have managed to stay through it. For all those of you who have visited Hampi and know the ocean of mysteries, art and fascination it holds, you'll definitely know that neither 3 nor 30 nor 300 blogs can do justice to this place, but here is hoping one day I can bring in some of the lesser known aspects about Hampi also to you. Thank you.
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  1. Beautifully captured and equally beautifully narrated